Raising your Boyfriend's Affection will add variation to the way he talks to you. Make use of the Astralove Mode that sometimes appears while Chatting to increase his affection. Max affection is 5000.

Chat Edit

Chat allows you to interact and communicate with your Boyfriend. His language, attitude and behavior will all change based on his Type and Affection.

Chatting requires Stamina. Stamina will recover by 1 ever 3 minutes. Levelling up will fully recover Stamina.

Chat Types Edit

  • Conversations: You will have a conversation with your Boyfriend. The topic will change based on his Type. There are also seasonal and holiday themed conversations as well. Some conversations offer response options; his Astralove Gauge may increase based on your decision. If you answer correctly, there will be a 10% heart increase. Incorrect answers will only receive a 4% increase. (Item Bond gives a 4% heart increase)
  • Boyfriend Touch: Your Boyfriend may sometimes expects you to touch a certain part of his body as you Chat. Look for hints in what he says and touch him in the correct area to greatly increase his Astralove Gauge. If you touch him in the correct spot, there will be a 10% heart increase. However, if you touch him in the incorrect spot, you will only receive a 4% increase.
  • Heart Touch Mode: As you Chat occasionally, the screen may fill up with hearts. Tap a certain number of pink hearts in the allotted time to clear the challenge. Tapping a purple heart will reduce your total, so try to avoid them if you can. Completing a Heart Touch challenge will greatly increase his Astralove Gauge.

Astralove Mode Edit

Maxing out his Astralove Gauge will enter Astralove Mode. In this you'll need to tap on the screen multiple times to 'kiss' your boyfriend. If it goes well, his Affection will increase by 20 points. If it does not go well, it will decrease by 5 points.

Once you reach 40 Astralove Mode Successes, new Nicknames your Boyfriend can call you will be unlocked.

Type Nickname
Standard Senpai
Friendly Buddy
Relaxed Dear
Mysterious Honey
Tough Darlin'
Cute Princess
Tsundere You
Vain Babe

Items Edit

You can increase or decrease affection with Affection Candies.

Affection Level Edit

Your Boyfriends current Affection level is shown by the following sort of icons.

Facial expressions will also change based on Affection levels.

Affection Heart Icon Facial Expression
0 ~
50 ~
100 ~
200 ~
500 ~
1000 ~
1500 ~
2000 ~
3000 - 5000
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