Basics Edit

Astral Missions are missions that update daily. There are three difficulties; Easy, Normal and Hard. Each difficulty level contains four clear conditions. You must clear 2 for Easy, and 3 for Normal and Hard in order to receive a reward. Astral Missions will not be accepted automatically. You must choose a difficulty and begin the Mission from the Astral Missions page.

Rewards Edit

  • Completing Easy will grant 500 stars
  • Completing Normal will grant 1500 stars
  • Completing Hard will grant 3000 stars

Astral Missions will be reset daily at 13:00 PDT, including clear conditions and rewards.

Astral Mission Description
Earn Stars Work or Recycle items to get Stars/
Astralove Max Chat with him to fill the Astralove Gauge and get Astralove Mode a certain amount of times.
Talk to NPC Visit the NPC Room and talk to the NPCs.
Remove Recommendation Remove Recommendations.
Give Recommendation Give Recommendations.
Date Date for a certain amount of time.
Earn EXP Work, Date, Remove recommendations, talk to other boyfriends, etc. to earn exp.
Touch Him Tap the camera icon then touch the screen to touch your boyfriend.
Recycle Items Recycle Items in the shop.
Work Work for a certain amount of time.
Call Out Call Out to other players.
Help Out Help out other players.
Get Avatars Play the gacha, buy stuff in the shop, or get items from the event.
Buy Items Buy from the items shop.
Talk to other Boyfriends Talk to other player's boyfriends.
Wave Back Wave Back after players call out to you.