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Amusement In Darkness Event GachaAnimal Boyfriend Collaboration GachaAnimal Holiday Event
Animal Holiday Event GachaApril 2017 Limited ItemsApril 2017 Stars Gacha
Aquarium Romance Event GachaAstral Horns GachaAstral Missions
August 2017 Limited ItemsAugust 2017 Stars GachaBathed In Moonlight Event
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December 2018 Stars GachaDeep Blue Date Aquarium Romance EventDesert Kingdom Event
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Dream Boyfriend Festival GachaDream Boyfriend Of The Dead EventDream Boyfriend Wikia
Dream High Event GachaDunkles Märchen GachaElectro Music Gacha
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FAQFantasy World Of Fairy Tales GachaFantasy of Starlight Event
Fateful Reverie GachaFebruary 2017 Stars GachaFestival Of The Arts Event
Festival Of The Arts Event GachaFloral Wedding EventFlowers Dancing in Moonlight Event
Forgotten Memories GachaFriend Invite CampaignFriendly
From Miracles Above EventFrom Miracles Above Event GachaGacha
Gacha Play Bonus CampaignGaining ExperienceGentleman's Club Gacha
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Halloween Party EventHanafuda Elegance GachaHappy New Year Event
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Hot Spring EventHot Spring Event GachaHotel Halloween Event
I Love Cats GachaIce Cream Festival EventIllumination Date Gacha
In-Game CurrenciesJanuary 2017 Limited ItemsJanuary 2017 Stars Gacha
January Colors! Hairstyle GachaJapan 3 Year Anniversary GachaJapanese Style Avatars Gacha
Japanese Wonderland GachaJuly 2017 Limited ItemsJuly 2017 Stars Gacha
June 2017 Limited ItemsJune 2017 Stars GachaLegend of the Four Symbols Event
Legend of the Four Symbols Event GachaLetter From The Gods EventLetter From The Gods Event Gacha
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Limited Hairstyle III GachaLimited Hairstyle IIV GachaLimited Hairstyle II Gacha
Limited Hairstyle IV GachaLimited Login Bonus CampaignLimited Period Back Accessory Gacha
Limited Period Body Accessory & Front GachaLimited Period Body Accessory GachaLimited Period Effect Gacha
Limited Period Front GachaLimited Period SR Guaranteed GachaLimited Period SR Guaranteed III Gacha
Limited Period SR Guaranteed II GachaLimited Period UR Guaranteed GachaLimited Period Wing Gacha
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Linked Outfits II GachaLucky BagsLucky Bags February 2019
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Lucky Bags October 2018Lucky Bags September 2018Makeup Room
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Mature & Casual!May 2017 Limited ItemsMay 2017 Limited Items II
May 2017 Stars GachaMechanical Soul GachaMemories In Bloom Event
Midnight Cocktail GachaMissionsMonochrome Avatars 2nd Gacha
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Mysterious Animal Party EventNPC TalkNew Year's 10-Play Gacha
New Year's Avatars 2019 GachaNew Year's Festival EventNew Year's Festival Event Gacha
New Year's Limited ItemsNew Year's Lucky BagsNew Year's Shrine Event
New Year's Shrine Event GachaNight Of Chaos EventNight Of Chaos Event Gacha
Night of Luxury GachaNightmare HalloweenNorse Mythology Gacha
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November Exclusive Colors! Hairstyle GachaOctober 2016 Limited ItemsOctober 2017 Limited Items
October 2017 Stars GachaOctober Colors! Hairstyle GachaPainting the Sky in Petals Event
Pajama Party EventParadox Masquerade EventParadox Masquerade Event Gacha
Parallel Universe Avatars GachaPersonality TypesPirates vs. Navy
Pirates vs. Navy GachaPrince of Jewelry EventPunkish Bazaar Event
Purple & Blue GachaPurple Avatars 2nd GachaPurple Tone Avatars Gacha
Rank ARank BRank C
Rank DRed-Brown Avatars GachaRed-Lit Nights
Red Avatars 2nd GachaRed Tone Avatars GachaRelaxed
Requiem for the Damned EventSchool Festival Date EventSchool Festival Date Event Gacha
School In Spring Dream HighSchool with a Secret EventSea Of Lanterns Event
Sea Of Lanterns Event GachaSearching For Santa EventSeaside Wedding Event
Select Gacha Part 1Select Gacha Part 2Select Gacha Part 3
September 2016 Stars GachaSeptember 2017 Limited ItemsSeptember 2017 Stars Gacha
September 2018 Stars GachaSerein at a Fox's WeddingShop
Sky Pirates and the Glass City GachaSnowtown Dreams & Punk Style SeriesSnowtown Dreams Gacha
Special GachaSpecial Wings GachaSpecial Wings IIV Gacha
Special Wings IV GachaStandardStar Gacha April 2017 N Series
Star Gacha December 2016 N SeriesStar Gacha December 2018 N SeriesStar Gacha July 2017 N Series
Star Gacha March 2019 N SeriesStar Gacha September 2016 N SeriesStar Gacha September 2018 N Series
Stargazing With YouStarlight Idol Gacha SeriesStars Gacha
Stolen Secrets EventStorybook Dreams GachaStylish Accessories Gacha
Stylish Shadow GachaSummer Vacation EventSupernatural Academy Gacha
Sweetest Union EventSynthesisTaisho Exorcism Gacha
Tales Of The Heart KingdomTanabata Nights EventTanabata Nights Event Gacha
Tarot of Fate GachaTemptation Of Chess GachaThe Blade of Edo Event
The Butler In Training EventThe Butler In Training Event GachaThe Courtesan's Game Gacha
The Curious Case of Shinma EventThe Fierce Sports Day! EventThe Fierce Sports Day! Event Gacha
The Hourglass Of Eternity EventThe Hourglass Of Eternity Event GachaThe Tea Party of Flowing Flowers Event
The Tea Party of Flowing Flowers Event GachaThe Underworld GachaThe Vanishing Event
Tomes Amongst the Dust EventToughTranscending Time Gacha
Tsukimi SeriesTsundereTwinkling Stardust
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Valentine's Date Event GachaValentine's Day Limited ItemsValentine Festival Event
Valentine Festival Event GachaWailing RoseWar Of The Scrolls Event
War Of The Scrolls Event GachaWeekend ShopWhere Demons Lie Event
Where Demons Lie Event GachaWhite Day 2017 Limited ItemsWhite Day Party
White Day Party Event GachaWhite Tone Avatars 2nd GachaWhite Tone Avatars Gacha
WorkWorld of the End EventWorld of the End Event Gacha
Yellow Tone Avatars Gacha
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