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Basics Edit

Clear the tasks set out in a Mission to earn all kinds of great rewards. Some Missions may even require others to be cleared before being unlocked.

You cannot retry a Mission that has already been cleared. There are no time limits on clearing Missions.


If a Story is unlocked as part of a reward for a Mission, that story will feature the Boyfriend you had set as Main at the time of accepting the reward.

Mission Reset Edit

Some Missions with stories as rewards can be reset after completion. You will be able to start a reset Mission again, and view the Story again. However item reward will be different from those received the first time around.

If a new mission is added with a Story reward after you reset a previous Mission, you will need to clear that Mission again before the new one can appear.

Mission Ranks Edit

Missions are split up into 4 different ranks. These ranks go from D up to A, growing increasingly difficult.

You must clear a certain number of Missions at one rank to unlock the next one.

Endless Missions Edit

Endless Missions have no time limits and unlike regular Missions, they can be cleared as many times as you like.

Clearing an Endless Mission will earn you Moonpieces.

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