This Gacha can be played using 200 Moonpieces. Playing the Gacha will earn you any of the included Moonpiece-only limited avatars at random. (This Gacha falls under the Special Gacha category.) Avatars will be added and removed on a regular basis.

Moonpieces can be obtained from Endless Missions.


  • The Drop Rates vary by item.
  • Drop rates will not change unless the Gacha contents themselves are updated or changed.
  • There will be a notification before Gacha contents are updated or changed.
  • It is not always possible to receive all items from this Gacha.
  • There is a chance of receiving duplicate items.

Current Moonpiece Gacha

Moonpiece Gacha II.png

  • 06/30/2019 ~ present

Past Moonpiece Gachas

Moonpiece Banner.jpg

  • 09/20/2016 ~ 06/30/2019
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