List of shops and info.

Beginner's Limited Shop

This Shop is only available for 7 days after joining the game.

Makeup Room

Face, Skin Color and Jawline can be changed here using Coins or Stars.

Hair Salon

Hairstyles can be purchased here.

Usable Items

This shop contains all single-use items available for sale. They can be purchased using Coins or Stars.

You will only be able to carry a maximum of 99999 useable items.


Here you can exchange unwanted avatars for Stars.

The amount of Stars received will vary by the avatar's rarity.

Faces cannot be recycled.

You will also earn extra Stars when recycling avatars at Max Item Bond.

Weekend Shop

Shop that is only opened on weekends. Contains Weekend Sets and Lucky Bags that can be purchased with Coins or Stars.

Weekend Shop Times

  • PDT: Thursdays 23:00 ~ Sundays 23:00
  • EDT: Fridays 02:00 ~ Mondays 02:00
  • GMT: Fridays 06:00 ~ Mondays 06:00

Limited Shop

The Limited shop is only open on special occasions, and for short periods of time. Exclusive clothing goes on sale during these periods. These are items available for Stars and Coins.

Lucky Bags

Special bags are released for seasonal or holiday events. These are purchasable with Coins and contain 3 items each. The combination of the items is random.

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